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Auto Aluminum Foil Rewinding Machine

chất lượng tốt Máy uốn ống CNC giảm giá
chất lượng tốt Máy uốn ống CNC giảm giá
Good Quality, Good Service!


Our growth can not leave FANRS MACHINERY support, wish for a long time cooperation.

—— Brian Gulf Tissue

Many thanks for FANRS MACHINERY providing high quality of equipment based on our requirement, special the good after service. We would like cooperateW

—— Hassam

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Auto Aluminum Foil Rewinding Machine

Trung Quốc Auto Aluminum Foil Rewinding Machine nhà cung cấp

Hình ảnh lớn :  Auto Aluminum Foil Rewinding Machine

Thông tin chi tiết sản phẩm:

Place of Origin: Jiangsu,China
Chứng nhận: CE,ISO,SGS
Model Number: MJ-AF600

Thanh toán:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Packaging Details: Wooden Case
Delivery Time: 45-60 Days
Payment Terms: T/T(30%,70%)
Supply Ability: 50Sets/Year
After-Service: Engineers available to oversea
Chi tiết sản phẩm



Auto Aluminum Foil Rewinding Machine Production Line , paper rewinding machine

Kitchen Aluminum Foil Roll Rewinding Machine Production Line for Household Food Fruit Factory Price



Quick Detail:


The fourth generation ideal machine mainly used for cutting soft temper material, such as aluminum foil, Kraft paper and parchment etc.

            A.        Complete with CPU 224 Control Panel Board from German Siemens.


            B.        With auto feeding aluminum foil speed control, alignment and adjustment


            C.       Fully auto core loading, gluing, slitting and rewinding of foil rolls


D.       Complete with meter cutting length control.


E.       Combination of both Western & Asian Technologies on complete production and control.


F.       Built in position for Embossing Roller, so do not need another embossing machine for embossing foil.


G.       High productivity and user-friendly


H.       Complete with all safety features


I.       Customized build to respective buyer’s requirement








Raw materials aluminum foils thickness

0.009mm to 0.025mm

Max raw materials width


Maximum unwind roll diameter


Raw material mother roll core id

75mm/150mm (core id)

Finished Roll Rewinding Core id

25mm/30mm/35mm(with three core die)

Slitting length finished roll control

3M to 300M

Max.Producing Speed



0.5 Mpa

Open-roll middle stroke


Unloading magnetic power brake


Winding magnetic power clutch


Electrical Power & Supply


Weight of machine


Traction motor


Asynchronous motor


Squirrel-case motor

P60B 8200

Servo motor


Rotating motor


Speed reduction motor


Dimension of machine (L x W x H

3600mm x 1400mm x 1910mm





  Kitchen foil cutting and wrapping machinery, main include open-roll, roller, material traction system, auto rotary link foil system, up pipe system, roll-up system, and ultraviolet disinfection system. For its reasonable layout, complete equipment is compact structure and elegant appearance .Every part’s function, structure features and caution of adjustment are as follows:


1).  Decoiling

   This part has coupling alignment and horizontal adjustment mechanism, drive each hand-wheel can make the material keep to middle, and the aluminum foil roll parallel to the roller. The stroke of coupling alignment and horizontal adjustment both are ±20mm.


2). Stretch roller

   Rolling up to the traction roller, need to set a roller running and some stretch motion in the station, in order to eliminate tension pulsation phenomenon and wrinkling phenomenon when the foil roll opened. That can make the foil flat when the foil into the running station.


3)  Foil material traction system

   This part is the main power part for the foil transporting, drivered by the variable frequency speed regulation induction motor. It uses the chain type running in order to running stable and gapless. Rubber roller use air pressure as the hold-down style.


4). Rotary automatic feeder system

   This part use rotary precision squirrel cage structure, roll up, connect, wind, transverse and coordination automatic. System use electromagnetic clutch control the tension, the slip torque can be set arbitrary, PLC controlled automatic, speed up to production demand. On the operation panel, in the range of the 50m/min can be displayed and set arbitary.Cutting foil finished by the pressure. For this part as the core of the equipment, need high processing and assembling precision. So when producing, only need modify the right transverse cutter and adjust the distance between the rotary tables. When the I.D of paper core modified, the rotary table should be changed by professional engineer.


5). Upper paper core system

  This part has the function upping paper core automatic, sizing and locate paper core right. Paper core feeder adopts the electric vibration Structure, in order to feed foil successfully at one time. Two slides as movable type, can adjust the space along the axially, the space should be based by the two flange space of the squirrel cage. Sizing mechanism take gravure printing ring offset model, width of the ring offset is: 30-35 mm, and you can adjust the space of ring by adjusting the space within the three cots. Adjusting pressure of the spring of the slid can control the thickness of the cots.


6).  Rolling-up system

   Roll-up system has the slop material received part and stainless steel chain brings material tray part. After material from squirrel cage, downslide alone the slope, finish the tail material rolling. When cutter working, by link mechanism, roll down on the receiving tray exactly. Finally chains convey belt transfer the roll out. Rolling-up is drived by the servo motor, PLC control its intermittent motion. Meanwhile drive the synchronous motion’s rolling-up drives and squirrel cage intermittent motion.


7).  Ultraviolet disinfection system

   Between spring roller and traction roller, there is an ultraviolet disinfection system. Disinfection the front and back of aluminum foil, in order to meet the demand of the food packaging. When repairing the lamp, just open the front door of the disinfection box. When operation, must keep the front door closed. There are two lamps, 20W power of each.


8). when adjusting the breaking cylinder, only need open protective Cover board.



Competitive Advantage:

1. Hight quality machine body.

2. Always automaticlly.

3. No noise.

4. More effcient,less labor.

5. Several color to choose.





1.  Q: Are you a manufacturer or trading company?


A:  Yes, we are a manufacturer.


2.  Q: What certificate do you have?


A:  We have ISO ,SGS and CE certificate.


3.  Q: How does your factory do regarding quality control?


A:  We have a special QC department in charge of products’ quality.


4.  Q: How long is the warranty period?


A:  All of our products have one year warranty.


5.  Q: How much production capacity of your company one year?


A:  This depends on your needs.


6. Q: What’s the main market of your company?


A:  We have customers all over the world.


7.  Q: Where is your factory located? 


A: Our factory is located in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, China, about 2 hours to Shanghai by car. 


8.  Q: Can we visit your machine operating in your factory?


A:  We have own workshop, and we are enthusiastically looking forward to your visit guidance and 

business negotiations!


9.  Q: How can we visit there?


A:  We offer transportation service when you arrive in Shanghai or Jiangsu Province, China.




Auto Aluminum Foil Rewinding MachineAuto Aluminum Foil Rewinding Machine

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